Low Effort Steering for accessible vans

More and more vehicle manufacturers are going to a fully electric based power steering system. Now your accessible vehicle can have the same features only as a low effort steering system! With our fully electric system, there is no longer a backup pump required for your application. We do this without compromising your family's saftey.

With no pumps to install, hoses to run or power steering racks to modify, your reduced effort steering vehicle can be modified in a fraction the time as a standard system.

Driver Evaluation

  • A Driver Evaluation is not only required for us to modify your power steering system but is highly recommended. A Driver evaluator will have the qualifications and tools needed to determine the exact level of power steering modification you need.
  • Often the first place to visit when getting setup to drive is your local Mobility Dealer. They will be able to guide you through the process and find a local evaluator.
  • A driver evaluation will also include full training on the modern electronics on a vehicle as well as saftey operations. In many states a special drivers license endorsment is also required to be legal to drive with hand controls. You local mobility dealer will be your best option for locating your local driver evaluator.
  • In most caes the adaptive driving equipment and other vehicle modification are non reversable on a vehicle. This is another reason a driver evaluation is essential to ensuring the proper adaptive equipment and vehicle modifications are done on your vehicle.

What's Needed

Below is a check list of items you will need to have before you place an order with your mobility dealer.

  • Driver Evaluation
  • 2011-2014 Toyota Sienna
  • A local mobility dealer to install the modifications
  • The following signed documents
  • Insurance Letter - Signed
  • Limited Warranty - Signed
  • A battery backup system

    This is something you should consult with your local mobility dealer. It's an essential saftey element to your vehicle. Your local mobility dealer can contact us for assistance if needed. This is typically an added cost over the steering modification so make sure it's included on your estimate.

Four Way Auto and Truck Sales
Distance: 102.3mi
Phone: (717) 356-3252
Fairfield, NJ
Distance: 211.4mi
Phone: (862) 206-7331
Advanced Wheels
East Haven, CT
Distance: 287.1mi
Phone: (203) 583-4990
Advanced Wheels
East Granby, CT
Distance: 319.9mi
Phone: (860) 640-4477
Advanced Wheels
Brimfield, MA
Distance: 346.6mi
Phone: (413) 207-9465
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Four Way Auto and Truck Sales

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Fairfield, NJ 07004
About 211 miles from you
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Advanced Wheels

East Haven, CT 06512
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Advanced Wheels

East Granby, CT 06026
About 320 miles from you
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Advanced Wheels

Brimfield, MA 01010
About 347 miles from you
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Paul Sherry Conversion Vans

Piqua, OH 45356
About 367 miles from you
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Done Deal Motors

Canton, MA 02021
About 397 miles from you
Sales & Service Dealer

R&R Mobility

Conyers, GA 30012
About 520 miles from you
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Alternative Mobility Solutions Inc

Woodstock, IL 60098
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Mobility Connection Inc

Rockford, IL 61108
About 644 miles from you
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