Posted On: 02/22/2023

Top 10 Wheelchair Vans 2023 

Check out the top 10 wheelchair van conversions for 2023. These vans need to be wheelchair accessible and capable to support wheelchair users that remain in their mobility device while loading and unloading. Both power and manual conversions make the list. Side and rear loaded are also discussed. These results are from over 50 years industry experience in both the service and sales department from the best dealer in the country.

ATC Chevy Truck

ATC 4x4 Chevy Silverado & GMC Sierra

All Terrain Conversions specialize in converting 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton and 1 ton pickup trucks to be wheelchair accessible.  A unique design that starts with the Gullwing door making room for the platform to rotate out and lower to the ground.  Back your wheelchair on the platform and let the hydraulic lift quickly put you and your wheelchair in either the front passenger location or drive your vehicle from your wheelchair.  Transferring from your mobility device to the factory seat or a transfer seat is not an option with this conversion.


VMI Chrysler NorthStar In floorVMI Chrysler Northstar

VMI Northstar Infloor ramp offers 360 degree access and is a fully automatic conversion that features automatic door, automatic kneeling and with access to both the second row and passenger/driver area.  Popular features like the step flares, integrated cup holders, sure deploy, and Durafloor have customers coming back to buy another VMI Northstar conversion.  Independent suspension gives the vehicle a great ride quality but modifications to the suspension are noticeable in how the vehicle handles.


BraunAbility ToyotaBraunAbility Toyota Hybrid In floor

36 miles per gallon makes the BraunAbility Toyota Hybrid In floor ramp one the most fuel-efficient vehicle available today.  Choose your flooring type from sound dampening carpet or get the rubber floor to withstand the harsh elements brought inside.  Spacious interior that carries from the 2nd row up to the driver and passenger locations.  Supporting both passenger and driver applications will full power systems activated from the Toyota OEM remote.  The capability and fuel efficiency make this a great choice.  If affordable is what you’re looking for, read on as this is going to be one of if not the most expensive vehicle on the top 10 wheelchair van list.


Rollx Chrysler In floorRollx Vans

Buy direct from the factory is what you get with Rollx Chrysler In floor conversions.  Quiet ride with a proven full power in floor conversion gets Rollx Vans on the list in 2023.  Approved funding through the VA system across the country helps you use aid that you have available to you.  You will find the price is very competitive with other conversions from VMI and BraunAbility.



AMS VansAMS Side Entry

Basic and affordable wheelchair conversions is what AMS wheelchair vans focus on.  Lowered floor in the second-row section that carries up to the front passenger makes this ideal for passenger applications.  Not as convenient operation which requires two fobs to operate the conversion is a downfall as you activate the OEM door button followed by the aftermarket remote to operate the ramp in and out.  The exterior does not look as finished as other conversions because the fold out ramp is the only option and getting the kneeling feature is not available on this conversion.


BraunAbility Chevy TraverseBraunAbiltiy Chevy Traverse

Not your average wheelchair accessible vehicle.  The Chevy Traverse with the BraunAbility power in floor conversion is the industry SUV leader in sales, reliability, and curb appeal.  Automatic sliding doors opens widely allowing the automatic in floor ramp to deploy out featuring a ramp of 30.25'' usable width.  Midsection floors allow for wheelchair users to enter the side door and ride in the midsection or easily remove the front driver seat and drive the Traverse from your wheelchair. Its design has been recently updated to improve infield performance in real work situations.  The best part about the Chevy's not a minivan! 


VMI ToyotaVMI Toyota NorthStar Infloor AWD

The first All-Wheel Drive minivan in the industry.  VMI took first place in the race for the first ever all-wheel drive Toyota Sienna North Star In floor conversion.  Lowered floor in the 2nd row that carries up to driver and passenger location allows for a very flexible floor plan.  Fully automatic conversion with auto door, ramp and kneeling makes this able to support passenger and driver applications.  Be aware though of the high purchase price and reduced second row room from the rear electric motors power the rear wheels.



BraunAbility Chrysler Manual Rear EntryChrysler Manual Rear Entry

Affordable rear entry conversions have increased in popularity the past five years.  The quietness of the ride quality and refinement of the manual rear entry ramp is one of the many reasons these continue to grow in popularity.  Second row seating that has flip and fold design allows you to support four passengers plus the wheelchair user.  Straight in and straight out eliminates the 90 degree rotation needed on side entry vans, for longer standing wheelchair users that are passengers should be sure to check out the BraunAbility Chrysler Manual Rear Entry.


ATC SuburbanATC 4x4 Suburban

Converted to be accessible on the passenger or driver location.  This is a bit of a one trick pony as you are not able to get the same vehicle converted on both sides.  However, this is sure to impress anyone in the parking lot while you are loading or unloading.  Full gullwing door and ramp platform that is driven by hydraulic fluid makes for a fast and smooth operation.  The gullwing design on the door helps protect you from the elements falling from the sky.  Appearance of the vehicle is changed very little after the conversion is added but does fuse both doors on the side you upfit to one making access to the rear seat only possible on the other side rear door.


Winnebago Promaster RoamWinnebago Roam

Travel across America at your pace and in comfort in the New Winnebago Roam wheelchair accessible RV.  Complete with wet bath, folding rear bed, BraunAbility UVL wheelchair lift and much more.  Both driver and passenger seats rotate 180 degrees making transfer quick and easy from your mobility device.  Small design allows for easy driving around with great maneuverability and traction being that the vehicle is front wheel drive.  Drop down shelving and a microwave mounted lower are just a few details Winnebago thought of when designing this wonderful vehicle.


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