Product Spotlight – Transportation and ADA Compliant Buses

Posted On: 05/15/2020

Product Spotlight – Transportation and ADA Compliant Buses 

Transportation buses are an important part of our communities. Nearly every school, care center, church, and hospital have a need for the services a bus can provide. Yet, there is still so much we do not know about the use and utility of buses. So we sat down with some experts in both wheelchair accessible vehicles as well as transportation and ADA buses, our friends at A&J Mobility in Wisconsin.

We asked them to tell us about different applications for busses they sell, and what the potential for each application looks like in real-life circumstances. Here are some of the busses they provide and what we learned about them:

MFSAB – Multi Function School and Activity Bus

The Activity-MFSAB Bus is the perfect solution to the basic needs of a school, college, municipality, business, or daycare. The MFSAB (multi-fuction school activity bus) bus can be upfit with a number of different floor plans. Most common is the 14 passenger bus since this does not require a special license or CDL in most states. This means that you will not have to find someone with special credentials to operate your bus, anyone with a standard driver’s license will suffice in most situations. (please check with your local laws and regulations prior to operating or purchasing a bus to ensure it will work for your needs.) This style of bus will also typically have a host of safety equipment and features to ensure the wellbeing of your students, staff, or other users. Safety features like the electronic child safety check system, staggered seating, reinforced body rails and a rear emergency exit. Because of the additional safety equipment that is part of the chassis and bus body, some insurance companies have requested business to use this style bus instead of a conventional shuttle bus. 

Church Community Busses

Many Faith Communities employ the use of a bus for their various activities. A lot of the time, it is the best way to transport students to mission trips and youth camps safely, or to run daily programs for elderly parishioners. These busses can be large enough to accommodate a cross country pilgrimage, or smaller as to avoid requiring a special license to operate. It is best to reach out to a professional to determine what size of bus, and features will best accommodate your organization. They will also help locate a Church Bus that can fit in any church’s budget. You can really extend your budget by considering a high-quality used bus over purchasing brand new.

Healthcare Busses

Paratransit buses are among the most popular for assisted living homes, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. They are vital in transporting patients and elderly residents to outdoor activities, medical visits, shopping trips, retreats, and other outings. Having access to perform these activities, via a Healthcare Bus, is important to the health of patients both physically and mentally. 

Transit Busses

Many cities and municipalities offer mass transit as well as paratransit options to their citizens using Transit Buses. These busses can vary greatly from one application to another. What is amazing is just how customizable they are. The seating, wheelchair lift, paratransit space options are unlimited. It is best to contact a dealer directly to determine what applications best meet the needs of your community.

Casino, Hotel and Resort Busses

Buses are also commonly used to promote your hospitality or casino business, through offering shuttle services, and group transportation. These busses are made to be especially comfortable and welcoming, with additional luxurious accommodations available during the ordering process. These busses can be equipped with anything from basic seating, to luggage compartments, bathrooms, wheelchair accessible entry, TV screens and more. 


We appreciate the opportunity to work closely with one of our valued dealers in creating this Product Spotlight and would like to thank the staff at A&J Mobility in Wisconsin for sharing their knowledge with us.

If you or someone you know has any questions about Transportation or Wheelchair Accessible buses, consider reaching out to A&J Mobility  for help. You can reach them by following the link below:


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