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Vehicle Information

VIN5j6yh183x8l002617 Carfax Report
ConversionFreedom Motors - Freedom Motors Honda Element Conversion
Price $28,000
ColorMidnight Red Pearl
Interior ColorGrey
Engine2.4 L 4
Chassis Age
Pre-Owned Chassis
Conversion Age
Pre-Owned Conversion

Vehicle Description

This is a 2008 Honda Element with the Freedom Motors X-WAV conversion. It features a lowered floor and automatic ramp, along with an EZ-Lock for the passenger to secure their mobility device. If you are in need of an accessible vehicle, but can't stand the idea of a minivan, this is the perfect used vehicle for you. This Element is in good condition both mechanically and aesthetically, and has never needed any repairs beyond normal maintenance. This vehicle has 98k miles and drives as well as the day I got it. Price listed is very negotiable. Contact me through the form with serious inquiries, and I will provide you with my phone number.

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