Why Rent A Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?

Insurance Replacement Vehicle & Personal Vehicle Damage:

Life happens, we have all experience this. When the unexpected inconvenience your routine, we are available and ready to provide you with a quality, safe and secure wheelchair accessible van any day of the week for as long as you need. If your vehicle has been damaged in an accident, the other parties insurance is responsible with providing you another wheelchair accessible van of the same kind or better.

Vacation or Holiday:

Don’t let mobility be the reason you don’t spend the Holidays with family and friends. Whether you are hoping to travel for the holidays or are looking to explore a new destination someone is ready to assist in getting you on the road.

Long Term Rentals:

How long is a long term rental? Many wheelchair accessible van dealers consider a long term rental anything over a few weeks. We have several different options for long term rentals. Whether you are looking at a couple weeks or over a month we can assist.

Try Before You Buy:

There are several factors that come into play when it comes to buying a new vehicle. You have to ensure that the vehicle you pick fits your style, and when looking at wheelchair accessible vehicles you most importantly have to make sure it is going to fit your lifestyle. It is crucial that you know whether the vehicle you are looking at is going to be the right one for you. Avoid making a mistake and try before you by!


Mobility Specialists are happy to deliver a van to you, whether you are needing a wheelchair accessible vehicle delivered at your home, hotel, the airport or any other destination we can make arrangements to ensure you have a rental van waiting for you. If you are needing a rental van dropped off, talk with a mobility consultant. If you are needing instructions on operating the van, our mobility specialists can help.

Rent to Own:

Many Wheelchair accessible van dealers off the option to Rent to Own one of their wheelchair accessible vans. Be sure to talk to a mobility specialist to see if this option is available for you.

Driver Rehabilitation:

A wheelchair accessible vehicle can be a great option for getting around if you are in a rehabilitation situation. Getting around during rehabilitation is crucial, renting can be a great option to reduce stress and the hassle of traveling in a non-wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Temporary Disabilities:

Accidents happen, unfortunately, we all know that. And when it does, you have a mobility specialist is ready to assist you with a dependable, safe and secure wheelchair accessible vehicle. If you were in an accident that lead you to needing a wheelchair accessible vehicle, talk to one of our mobility consultants to see different options that are available.

Road Trips:

Driving to your destination in safe, reliable comfort can relieve many of the worry and hassle of taking the family car. Everyone one is different, many people are able to transfer easily from non-wheelchair accessible vehicles but extended road trips can become difficult. Many passengers appreciate the comfort that one of our wheelchair accessible vehicles provides on extended trips.

Air / Rail Travel:

Whether you are planning a long distance trip or simply need accessible transportation to the hotel or conference site, your van can be delivered and awaiting your arrival at the station or airport. If you are working with a travel agent, have the agent call us to make arrangements.

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