Frequently Asked Questions:

What are your rental rates?

Rates vary from dealer to dealer across the country. Each dealer also has many different variables including time of year and for length of rental. To get a good quote, please go to our contact a mobility specialist where you are wanting to rent from and request a quote.

Where are you located? works with several different wheelchair accessible vehicles across the country. Please see our map on our Rentals Page to find a dealer where you are looking to rent from.

Do you deliver?

At several of the wheelchair accessible dealers that are listed offer the option to have a vehicle delivered. Please contact the mobility dealer you are wanting to rent from to get their exact policy as well as a quote.    

What type of vehicles are available?

There are several different wheelchair accessible van makes and models available to rent. There are also different conversion options available to best suit you. Contact a mobility specialist near you to see exactly what they offer.

Can insurance pay the cost of renting an accessible vehicle?

There are instances where insurance will pay for the rental, but generally, it's when your vehicle has been in an accident and the other person's insurance is paying. Not all locations will be able to provide every item that you need for the vehicle to be driven safely, but the minimum requirements of what you need to be provided transportation can be and they are responsible for it. When speaking with the insured insurance company; request the equipment you need to get back on the road again. Mobility dealers have been working with insurance companies for years and are a great resource when looking to gain more information. 

I am going on a road trip, can I rent an accessible van to drive across country and then leave it at the other location?

This will be dealer specific, many dealers have different locations in different states which will allow this. Other dealers may have only one location or there locations may only cover one state. This will need to be asked to your mobility specialist where you plan to start your destination.

Do Mobility Dealers provide liability and collision coverage?

Please contact your desired mobility dealer to see their insurance coverage policy.

Can I arrange for a Scooter or Wheelchair rental?

Different Mobility dealers will vary on what they provide for rental services. Please contact your desired mobility dealer to see what they offer.

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