Why are we in business?

P&L Development is in business for YOU. We are here for the sole purpose of helping our customers and the handicap community. Seeing vehicles for $60,000+, immense repair bills and even worse customer service is just not right. We developed our design to give you a low cost and reliable vehicle that can fit the entire family, while also providing outstanding customer service to be sure there is a smile on your faces while leaving our dealership. You will not be rushed, you will not be lied to and you will not leave without being sure this is the exact van for you and your family.


Here at P&L Development, we understand that a reliable mean of transportation is essential to the disabled community. Whether it’s medical appointments, shopping, hospital procedures, veteran’s offices, or anywhere else they may need or want to go, you should feel safe in knowing you have a dependable vehicle to get you there. We conveniently price our vehicles to make sure they are available for any family. We understand our customers and do our best to offer them the lowest prices possible.


Our Ford Transit Connect Mobility Vehicles still hold Fords Powertrain warranty. P&L Development also offers a 1-Year/36,000-mile warranty on our ramp system. With us being conveniently located in the middle of Michigan, we are able to get our servicemen to your doorstep within hours to fix any problem. Although problems are very scarce with our simple manual ramp system, you can feel assured that P&L will have your back if any problem was to arise. You will not be abandoned in your time of need. We will handle it quickly and efficiently to get you back on the road sooner and for much lower repair costs.

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P&L Development
Oscoda, MI
Distance: 480.8mi
Phone: (989) 747-8362
Oscoda, MI
(989) 747-8362
4025 Arrow St
Oscoda, MI 48750
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