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Companies are bringing cutting edge enhancements to the meaning of mobility and accessibility with millions spent every year in researching and engineering mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, scooters, wheelchair vanswheelchair lifts, scooter lifts, accessible van conversions, transfer seats, and more. Their goal is to assist in making a physically disabled lifestyle easier everyday with many choices. At BLVD, we bring together all of these products so you can make the best decision for your needs.  

Wheelchair Tie Downs

Wheelchair Tie Downs All wheelchairs being transported occupied or un-occupied should be properly tie down using one of the many methods available.  Properly securing the wheelchair will ensure the individual from moving or tipping over when traveling down the road, it will also eliminate the wheelchair from becoming a dangerous object in the event of stopping quickly or getting in an acci...

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Scooter Lifts

Scooter Lifts For Car, Truck, Minivan or SUV Simplify Travel Scooter Lifts For Car, Truck, Minivan or SUV Simplify Travel making transporting your scooter easy, fast & effortless in your minivan, car, truck or SUV. A scooter lift easily installs into most types of vehicles for fast loading and stowage of an unoccupied scooter while traveling down the road.  With more than 50 models of ...

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Wheelchair Lift For Van

Choosing A Wheelchair Lift For Your Van There are multiple wheelchair lift for van(s) options available from many wheelchair lift manufactuers such as BraunAbility or Ricon.  Here are some of the common types and brands of wheelchair lifts available today. Under Vehicle Wheelchair Lift Your wheelchair lift will store away under your van when not in use. This can be a great...

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Transfer Mobility Seating

Transfer Seating Helps Get In & Out of Vehicles If getting in and out of your vehcile has become an unsafe task, a mobility transfer seat can restore the joy of getting in your vehicle and going anywhere you want to go!   Mobility transfer and lift up seats are designed to come out of the vehicle allowing safe, easy transfers to the seat or sling and place the individual in the fr...

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Hand Controls

 Hand Controls For Car, Truck, Minivan & Suv There are many different types of hand controls available for many cars, trucks, minivans and suvs, just as there are many different reasons why you might need them.  First you have to determine what style or operation is necessary for you.  If you have been driving with hand controls for sometime now then you a...

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Stair lifts

Stair Lifts For Your Home  Stair lifts date all the way back to the 1930s.  Today you will find two types of stair lifts referred to as straight or curved stair lift.  You can get these lifts for both indoor and outdoor use.  Straight stair lifts are fairly simple in that they will be secured to the stairs and plug in to a wall outlet. If you have a curved staircase you can ...

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Home Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts are full power and having lifting capacity up to 750lbs. These lifts will raise an individual in a wheelchair from ground level to the top of stairs, porches, decks or any other structurally sound landing pad.  Both residential and commercial models are available.  In the event of power outage you can manually raise and lower the platform. Many safety feature...

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Steering Aids

Steering aids can make driving not only easier but also safer.  There are many devices available for any and all needs ranging from spinner knobs to reduced effort steering.  Contact you dealer you locate on for pricing and questions. ...

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Accessible Home Products

Make Your Home Wheelchair Accessible Adapting your home to become wheelchair or scooter accessible can be much easier and affordable then you thought. With technology allowing more people to be independent longer, you will also need to adapt your home to be wheelchair accessible.  If you need to make your home wheelchair accessible, common solutions can be adding threshold ramps to doorway...

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Commercial Wheelchair Vans

Commercial Wheelchair Vans Having the ability to pick up a wheelchair user and bringing them to a doctors appointment, during the visit dropping a family off at the airport heading on vacation and then heading back to bring the wheelchair user home would have required an extensive and expensive conversion in the past.  All commercial wheelchair vans and non wheelchair vans require str...

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Vehicle Services

Vehicle Services & Emergency Roadside Services Maintaining a regular service schedule for your wheelchair accessible vehicle is very important to maintain a reliable wheelchair accessible van or handicap van.  Performing preventive maintenance will help keep all crucial components working correctly. allows for you to connect with local dealers offering the services you n...

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