Handicap aids and equipment for the physically challenged, elderly, caregivers and healthcare professionals.

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Benefit from our handicap aids, resources, and disablity services as well as the continued advantages of advice and experiences posted in the forums of our online community.

Products and services for handicap aids to assist in daily activities and improve quality of life. Blvd.com is the modern handicap aids solution provider for disabled youth, men, and women as well as healthcare professionals and employers.

  • Handicap Aids
    Resources, accessories and proven solutions.

  • Directory of Products and Services for the Physically Challenged, Elderly, Employer and Healthcare Professionals.
    Disability aids for the home or office focusing on a barrier free environment. Resources and tools for communication, mobility, and general health to improve quality of daily life.

  • Improved Techniques for Barrier Free Home and Office Environments
    New and dependable technologies for the home or office, to facilitate productivity, can be implemented in existing environments, or custom home renovations; these systems deliver ease of mobility to rise above everyday challenges.

  • Leverage Proven Technology
    Awesome advances in the field of assistive or alternative devices enable the physically challenged to harness the power of input devices such as voice activated computers, communication devices, and environmental control units.

  • Lifts, Ramps, and Transfer Aides.
    A complete selection of disability tools such as ramps for wheelchairs (meeting ADA codes), portable ramps, scooters, lifts for the home, business or conversion van. We also offer quality resources for improved living environments including reference materials for new technologies, home healthcare supplies and the additional advantages of alternative medicine.

  • Disability Resource Center
    Featuring reviews and testimonials on the latest in adaptive devices and the development in ergonomic workstations for the disabled.

  • Expanding Resource
    As Blvd.com grows, so do our online forums with advice on handicap aids and specific solutions.

  • The Boulevard is here to help with all handicap aids as well as to share the successes of our own community. Benefit from our continuingresources and experience to obtain the right technological, medical, and everyday tools for you, your employees, or loved ones.

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