1096 Stick Steer Infrared Remote Control

What it is: A small WIRELESS removable keypad that attaches to your steering wheel, to give you fingertip control of 11 functions (lights, turn signals, windshield wipers, horn, etc.) without taking your hand off the wheel. Illuminates for night driving.

How it works: Illuminated keypad controls 11 functions:

  • Headlights and high beams (from a button on top)
  • Intermittent windwhield wiper, emergency flasher, windshield wiper speed, turn signals, horn, rear windshield wipers, parking lights, and windshield cleaner.
  • Daylight sensor also turns on headlights automatically (if in a tunnel, etc.).
  • Backlight for night driving.

Where it’s located: Attaches anywhere on your steering wheel. 

The Guidosimplex “simple driving” advantage: Infrared control means less modification to your vehicle -- for faster installation, and better maintenance of your vehicle's value for resale.

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