Important Elder Care and Nursing Home Safety Facts

Posted On: 10/08/2015
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Learning About Elder Care and Nursing Home Safety from 

This week we are featuring, a website dedicated to educating and informing loved ones about elder care and nursing home safety. has written the following post about wheelchair safety in nursing homes. Be sure to check out their website to learn more about nursing home legal services as well as view a map of nursing homes by state. This unique feature gives statistics on best health scores, highest number of complaints, and other helpful information.  

Checklist for Wheelchair Friendly Elder Care Needs

Many elders rely on wheelchairs when they are no longer able to walk on their own due to weakness, lack of coordination, or a medical condition. Enter any nursing home and you will likely see many residents sitting in wheelchairs.

According to an article published in Annals of Long Term Care, over 80% of nursing home residents spend time sitting in a wheelchair on a daily basis. A majority of these elderly residents are overlooked for therapeutic treatment, such as physical or occupational therapy, because they are viewed as too disabled or too difficult to rehabilitate. While some elders may have little to no ability to walk independently, it’s crucial for elders to receive some sort of movement therapy whenever possible. To simply leave an elder in a wheelchair is neglectful and can be considered a form of