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Enable Mart - Your Accessibility Solutions Store
Your Accessibility Solutions Store
Adaptive Clothing
Specially designed for wheelchair users, the elderly and caregivers assisting others while dressing.
Adaptive Clothing
*Custom Tailoring
*Men and Women
*Wheelchair Users
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Specially for You
We design and sew adaptive clothing including childrens and extra large adult sizes: dresses, one piece underwear, night gowns, jumpsuits, pants jumper, wheelchair pants & capes, laprobes, bibs and bags. Our garments are custom made. Ask us about garments to fit your special needs.

Specialty Care Shoppe
Dressing should be easy for everyone, particularly those with special needs. Browse our online catalog to find garments that are the bee's knee's for those with limited arm mobility; dementia, incontinence or wheelchair bound.

Talon Adaptive Clothing
Cool and comfortable clothing for the physically challenged. Specializing in adaptive outerwear including wheelchair raincapes and jackets. The place to go for quality garments at reasonable prices!

U.S.A. Jeans
Jeans for Men and Women in Wheelchairs Designed to be safer and more comfortable. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible fitting Jeans and Slacks.

Wheelchair Speciality Gloves
Look at some of the best fitting gloves available. The lowest price anywhere.

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