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Adaptive Clothing : Men and Women
Men and Women
Clothing and accessories designed for men and women.

Silvert's Elderly Care Clothing
Routine daily dressing often presents physical dilemmas for those with arthritis and lowered mobility concerns. Careful attention to style and ease of dressing has made Silverts the largest clothing supplier to seniors and the physically challenged in North America. 35 years experience allows Silverts to offer you quality products at affordable prices.

Adaptive Clothing Showroom
We offer special needs clothing to encourage independent dressing or make aided dressing so much easier. An affordably priced, complete selection of everyday clothing, including Underwear, Sleepwear, Outerwear & Accessories. Back Snap, Velcro Closures, Side Zipper Pants, Bibs, Incontinence Products, Wheelchair Clothing.....and much more.

Buck & Buck Clothing
Bill and Julie Buck have been designing and creating the most extensive line of adaptive clothing for seniors since 1978. They have a full line of very attractive, high quality clothing for both men and women and also carry an extensive line of footwear. They are proud to have most of their garments made in the US. Their line solves dressing problems for those with Alzheimer’s, arthritis, stroke, fragile skin, edema, incontinence, undressing issues and more. All are extremely washable and appropriate for those who may be living in a nursing home. In addition to clothing they carry a complete line of wheelchair accessories.

Incontinence products and senior quality of life information. We offer HealthDri™, Rejoice™, Drix™ & Compaire™ reusable, washable and disposable undergarments for men and women. Adult diapers, liners, pads and Afex™ incontinence management products.

Sheepskin Ranch Inc.
Product line made of 100% genuine sheepskin; aids in the prevention and care of decubitus ulcers and provides natural lanolin as a moisturizer when in direct contact with the skin.

Specially for You
We design and sew adaptive clothing including childrens and extra large adult sizes: dresses, one piece underwear, night gowns, jumpsuits, pants jumper, wheelchair pants & capes, laprobes, bibs and bags. Our garments are custom made. Ask us about garments to fit your special needs.

U.S.A. Jeans
Jeans for Men and Women in Wheelchairs Designed to be safer and more comfortable. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible fitting Jeans and Slacks.

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